What we envision

We are in the future, where everything including ourselves went decentralized. Good thing about that is that we are now more than ever in control of what counts towards our own personal value (public records, type of shopping, lifestyle, job rating, etc.) and with what values we authenticate with (deciding to which companies we want to give our data to). Consequently, we can effectively take part in the creation of our own future (politics, economy, services, products, etc.) while keeping our identity unique, safe and private. Everything is connected, our every step is recorded but it counts towards our personal value. We own our data and we have more power in our hands. We have created this app for people to be able to make smarter decisions about their daily life. So they are able to freely navigate their personal values in the new digital world.

People of Pepolls

Pepolls role

Change agent

We live in a time where it is essential to be connected together in all areas in order to progress.

Sharing opinions and understanding each other or what surrounds us can help us evolve and build a society, products and services that bring more benefits to everyone.

Pepolls is the meeting place where everyone can find answers, share their convictions and debate peacefully while valuing each interaction.

What drives us

It is no longer a matter of choice, the Internet society must be upgraded and aware of its rights.

We fight to protect our users’ interests. Our fresh and unbiased approach makes users achieve greater value from their digital experience. Our role is to set a high industry standard based on diversity, governance, and self-sovereign data.


  • Governance decisions
  • Growth and Diversification
  • Autonomous Organization


  • Thoughts
  • Opinions
  • Speech

Integrity of data

  • Self-sovereign
  • Privacy
  • End-user encryption
October 2020

Certified Startup Act Tunisia.

Startup Act is the starting point of a proactive national strategy to position Tunisia as a country of entrepreneurs and startups at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, the MENA region and Africa.

Pepolls was accredited the label in early October 2020 and being part of the college of startups pronounces the innovative and scalable character of the project. This legal framework gave us many advantages to support its development.

People of Pepolls

Pepolls has succeeded to gather A plus players whom worked with top agencies and Blockchain technology providers around the world. Our focus is providing a highly innovative and secure platform to all users.

Jihed Rahmouni


Digital marketer, specializing web design, UI & UX design. Well-versed manager in matters of negotiations, planning and development, relationship management, and operations.
When I’m not on the job, I love hiking with my dog and indulging my love for seeing new places.

Jihen Rahmouni


A conscientious and professional project coordinator with extensive experience in project administration, Human resources, training, always seeking new adventures.

Omar Bouattay

Business partner

A young entrepreneur, head of a Fintech startup in the Blockchain technology, highly motivated and passionate about digital transformation and the digital economy.