Pepolls Voices.

In times of voices power that unite everyone and inspire people to take action in decision-making, Pepolls is committed to create an inclusive culture with integrity of data. Our purpose is to unite the world to create decentralized communities and self-sovereign data with diversity. So why keep the decision for others when you can make your own? Shall we just keep addressing the data problems or challenge them with actions?

Pepolls Opinions

Using one’s voice as a mechanism is by no means a new phenomenon. It takes a huge amount of courage to speak up when your opinion potentially conflicts with those in charge of running products, services or initiatives, especially when your opinion potentially conflicts with others. Pepolls community believe that having an opinion is important since this brings new ideas and change. We know as a fact only when we are able to see the different points of view that we will be able to have a better world.

Pepolls Debates

The importance of fair discussions is a chance to challenge and explore new opinions and ideas. We know as a fact that debate is an indispensible characteristic of an individual that makes him put forward his perspective in analysing a situation of social causes whether be it in favour or against. Pepolls community innovate in a collaborative and iterative manner by putting your solutions through debate and making them count for change. We encourage discussions about issues or resolutions as we value outcomes to explore and resolve modern life problems.