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Pepolls Debates

The importance of fair discussions is a chance to challenge and explore new opinions and ideas. We know as a fact that debate is an indispensible characteristic of an individual that makes him put forward his perspective in analysing a situation of social causes whether be it in favour or against. Pepolls community innovate in a collaborative and iterative manner by putting your solutions through debate and making them count for change. We encourage discussions about issues or resolutions as we value outcomes to explore and resolve modern life problems.

We all know that debates are an effective tool that allows both descriptive and prescriptive arguments that are necessary to pass ideas into actions. Pepolls will help you debate your own position without being told what to think or any outside influence and most importantly in an anonymous and secured environment. It is important in a democracy to learn to disagree well in order to see and interpret the world differently. We believe that structured debates can help overcome individuals and people’s reluctance to ask and answer the tough questions about how the world has changed or is changing, and how the organization needs to evolve accordingly.

As many researches show us, when a societal information is imparted to an individual, awareness is created and understanding takes place. This understanding might even help to change the attitude of the individuals by developing their sense of responsibility about any matter. However, a change of attitude doesn’t necessarily lead to a change of behavior towards positive action. In order to provoke behavioral change, Pepolls debates will create a sense of urgency and stimulate the desire to act. Public awareness is the key to making a real difference in the fight to create a better world.

Pepolls creates a culture where people begin debating issues by finding the crux of their disagreement, identifying what different beliefs would imply in terms of what actions they should take and committing out loud to make changes in societies. Through debate, Pepolls community is a vehicle for convincing people in charge to change their minds on important issues and services in order to drive meaningful social change. Perfecting our focus on reason and evidence is a much, much better idea than looking elsewhere for ways to persuade. Be part of the change.

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