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Pepolls is the platform that brings you closer to your target and make them part of the experience development. Our platform make your marketing investments smarter by sharing value, engaging more customers, and converting more leads.

The new era of Social advertisment

We live in a time where being connected with your customer is a necessity for business growth and we believe that both parties (businesses and customers) need to work together autonomously to make the most of this partnership. That’s why “Pepolls” is here to create a peer-to-peer connection and make it more valuable for both parties and evolve products and services around the world.

Social advertising

What is it?

Social advertising is the process of creating and deploying clickable ads to reach target audiences. You can reach them through social media platforms, messaging apps, news feeds, and even outside apps and websites. Companies use social advertising campaigns to build brand awareness, generate leads, and/or capture sales revenue.

Social advertising is particularly effective at driving engagement and conversions. Because social media platforms offer a treasure trove of highly specific and actionable user data. Audiences can be defined based on past behavior and purchase history. Also, by how well users match up with target persona demographics and interests.

Targeted audiences may be completely unfamiliar with the brand and/or product being advertised. But the message has a good chance of resonating and getting an immediate response. Especially in a data-rich and highly personalized social media environment.

Autonomous social advertising

The innovation

As Generation Y and Z show unique online behaviour, brands should evolve their marketing strategies and reconsider their reach methods especially with the huge interest in the social aspects of games. With these generations driving the new trends toward high data privacy, social advertising needs to be reshaped.

Pepolls as a platform based on Blockchain technology provides the social experiment with self-sovereign data and secure privacy to create a new digital marketing conecpt based on a peer-to-peer connection and reward system.

Pepolls fuse the social, the commerce, and the entertainment to engage your leads and convert them.



Pepolls is a social media platform that helps businesses involve their target in shaping services/products and getting insights to understand their needs.

As an autonomous social advertising media, it values interactions and attracts leads to your proposed value. It is a new digital marketing tool that gives companies the opportunity to engage directly with their target and create a win-to-win interaction.



Pestore is a space designed to bring your target audience to the value you offer and the recovery of the value invested in your marketing campaigns, which is a smarter ROI opportunity for your business.

It’s a smart way to attract and retain your prospects by getting them to test your product/service and give you insight so you can build a stronger value proposition based on customer-centric metrics offered by our platform.

Pestore is a tool that helps every business convert their prospects (potential customers) into real customers who don’t just “view” and “like”, but advocate and buy.



A stable digital currency, “crypto-token”, invented to value the interactions and insights of Pepolls community in its reward system.

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