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Pepolls inquiry

By September 2, 2021September 7th, 2021No Comments

Pepolls Inquiry.

The pace of change is accelerating and the world of information and technology has changed to dominate our life. With the rise of social media influence to shape politics, business, and the world of innovation, societal behavior shifted toward passivity and became based on the herd mentality. Pepolls is committed to revolutionize the social media world and shift it to create a community of inquiry that tackles the problems through critical, creative, and inclusive thinking.

As responsible citizens who can think and act in accordance with their values while taking into consideration and even promoting the interests of societies, Pepolls creates a space of inquiries that increases the general sense and feeling of a community to change. Through our social network, we engage the community to interact in an encrypted autonomous space in order to shape services, products, and decisions in our daily life.

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