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Data security

One of the main concerns among both mobile app developers and users is security.

With data breaches happening worldwide on a massive scale, people tend to stay away from apps as they fear an invasion of privacy.

When apps are developed with Blockchain, it can increase data privacy, thus making the apps more secure. Its encryption technique is considered impassable since all the data is encoded and saved with a cryptographic hash.

And because of its decentralized architecture, the risk of third-party apps causing chaos is less.

Also, with blockchain, there is a timestamp attached to every transaction. It makes data manipulation and redefining operations almost impossible.

It is a great boon for mobile application developers and end-users.

Data transparency

The decentralized system records all the transactions in the public ledger, allowing anyone to track them as and when they want to. It brings transparency and reduces the risk of any fraudulent transaction or made-up information.

The entire system is thus tamper-proof. Also, as the solution is scalable, if you are developing mobile apps using blockchain, you can quickly scale in numbers of end-users.

Moreover, Blockchain guarantees the safety of mobile apps even when you are upgrading the features.

As a blockchain based app Pepolls is

Decentralized app

Smart contract based platform

P2P network

Self-Sovereign Identity

Accurate data insights report

Reward Token System